I now have the knowledge and courage to make trades

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I now have the knowledge and courage to make trades

Postby rickyg on Thu Jan 19, 2006 9:48 pm

Hi Sean

I thought I should put my first posting on your forum to congratulate you on achieving one of your major goals, which is to be able to sack your boss, and do it in the time frame that you originally set out.

Way to go mate, I bet it’s a great feeling to be able to tell them to shove it and to be in control of your own destiny.
I wish you all the success that you and your lovely family deserve; I know that with your commitment and love of investing you will have plenty.

I never did thank you for having the forethought to put some of Jamie’s 21st Century books in the local post office for sale. I am grateful every day that I happened to be standing in line (after another crap day at work and stressing out about money) and spotted the book, flicked through it and thought wow, this all makes good sense, and bought the book.

Since that day I have had a totally different outlook and direction in my life from one of ‘I want to be successful and financially independent but don’t really know how’ to now where I KNOW I will be successful and I KNOW how to get there!

Through reading, understanding and applying the concepts and strategies in the book, as well as the assistance you have given in your regular information nights and finally the knowledge and contacts that I acquired at the fantastic Fiji seminar recently, I now have the knowledge and courage to do something I have needed to do for a very long time. That is to be able to negotiate a year off from my job to spend some much needed time with my family.

My fly in/ fly out job has taken its toll over the years to the point where my teenage son has gone off the rails a bit and needs some regular ‘Dad time’ to get him back on track. I’m sure most of us suffer from having to chase the big bucks these days just to make ends meet; only to have it ultimately affect our family life.

By following such simple strategies as restructuring my finances, accessing some equity in my home, setting up trading accounts and most importantly, TAKING ACTION I have been able to create enough income from investing to replace my income from working, and that really is without trying all that hard. So I am quietly confident that I will not only be able to achieve similar results this year but substantially improve on it with more time to study and explore more strategies.

It’s a fantastic feeling and I thank you again, along with Jamie of course. I now have the knowledge and courage to make trades like I did recently where I bought CBA $41 puts at 58cents, the next day they were at $1.05. That’s a quick 81 % or two and a half grand in 1 day. You are never going to get that putting your money in the bank, that’s for sure!
Of course this type of trade takes a little while to understand and that is just a little sideline thing I do and I want to learn more about.

Most of my income at present comes from one of Jamie’s most basic strategies, which anyone can do. Later on I want to get into property much more and I know the property strategies and contacts in Jamie’s book will help me achieve my goals there as well.

Anyway good on you Sean and I hope to join you as a full time investor in the not to distant future.


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Postby Roger on Fri Jan 20, 2006 8:16 am

Congratulation Rick!
Having also completed the homestudy in early 2005, it's great to hear the success stories of people in such a short period of time. It's all about taking control and action.

Keep up the great work!
Roger Whatling :D
"We're not just doing this for money;
... we're doing it for a s%#tload of money!"

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