Any 21st CA graduate from outside the Oceania

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Any 21st CA graduate from outside the Oceania

Postby zmascom on Mon Feb 16, 2009 4:03 am

Hello everybody,
This is Zaid from KUWAIT :wink:
I purchased the Homestudy program and looking forward to start using it, as I receive it.
But I observed and noticed something in this distinguish training program .. Which it talking about its members in Australia and New Zealand without mentioning more about other countries, especially in the Middle East such as Kuwait or the UAE!
This observation has an impact on my decision to come to the seminar in Sydney, as I need to apply for Visa to visit Australia, not to mention the financial costs of travel.
I'm, honestly, would like to attend, because I do know that the participation in these seminars will benefit greatly in addition to the training program.
So I have a concern/question: Are there any known members of the beneficiaries of the Academy who are living outside Australia, New Zealand or Europe?
As I read that there are seminars and courses in Dubai (UAE), but with only one day, and no intent in the 21ca to make courses outside the Pacific ..
I apologize for the lack of courtesy, but I really want a reply on this question in particular as I did not read the answer in this forum.
Thank you for all

Zaid Alshammari
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Re: Any 21st CA graduate from outside the Oceania

Postby goodthingscome on Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:01 pm

HI Zaid,

I am honestly not really sure to the answer of your question to the best of my knowlege I thought courses were only held in AUS and NZ but could be wrong. Did you get a contact number to call with your homestudy in the UAE? If not my next point of call would be to ring 21Ca here in AUS and just ask them if they run seminares in the UAE if if so when. I can understand your concern and frustrations, but remmebr to as a memeber you have 5 yrs to attend the seminars for free and these forums are always a great place to bounce ideas off and get clarification on things you may be unsure of.

Hope that helped you a bit

PS welcome to the Academy :)
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